2016 Trends in Clinical Informatics: A Nurses Perspective

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eMAR Forensics: surveillance and investigation
Primary Author:  Emily Keenan BSN, RN
Organization:  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston MA 
Keywords: Barcode Medication Administration, Electronic Medication Administration Record, BCMA--Bar Coded Medication, Quality Improvement, Leadership, Training
Maintaining adolescent access and confidentiality with a custom patient portal
Primary Author: Elizabeth Bennett RN
Organization: Boston Children's Hospital
Keywords: pediatric patient portal, adolescent confidentiality, health information management
Improving efficiencies in ED triage documentation
Primary Author: Lee Williams PhD(c) , RN-BC
Organization: Boston Children's Hospital
Keywords: Clinical Documentation, Efficiencies
Improving the process for capturing resuscitation status and discussion
Primary Author: Tim O'Connor-Crowe CphT, MPH, MSHI
Organization: Boston Children's Hospital
Keywords: Patient Care; Clinical Documentation; Patient Safety & Quality; End of Life Care; Advanced Directive
Improving education in informatics based on learner feedback
Primary Author: Tim O'Connor-Crowe CphT, MPH, MSHI
Organization: Boston Children's Hospital
Keywords: Professional Education and Training; User Evaluation of Training; Asynchronous Learning
Managing risk in a legacy system in a small community hospital
Primary Author: Corrine Keach BSN, RN
Organization: Milford Regional Medical Center
Keywords: CPOE, Patient Safety & Quality, Technology
The use of tablet technology for real-time patient feedback
Primary Author: Leslie Hutchins BSN, MBA, RN 
Organization: Yale-New Haven Hospital
Keywords: Patient Experience, Patient Satisfaction
Structured data elements optimization: challenges & mixed methods data driven approaches
Primary Author: Sarah Collins PhD, RN
Organization: Partners Healthcare System
Keywords: standardized terminology, governance, electronic health record, clinical data element reference model
ICU staffing using an acuity tool
Primary Author: Andra Santos BSN, MSHI, RN
Organization: Partners Healthcare System
Keywords: Nurse Staffing Ratios; Patient Acuity
Non-oncology infusion in an Electronic Health Record
Primary Author: Amy Silver MSN, RN
Organization: Partners Healthcare System
Keywords: Patient Care, Clinical Documentation, Patient Safety and Quality
Evaluating clinical decision support fire rates to guide activation decisions in the production environment
Primary Author: Karen Bavuso MSN, RN
Organization: Partners Healthcare System
Keywords: Clinical Decision Support (CDS), CDS Lifecycle, Evaluation
Building consensus for electronic charge report
Primary Author: Caitlin Guerro RN
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Keywords: EHR, Handoff, Charge Report
Creating documentation 'best practices' following a large scale E.H.R. implementation
Primary Author: Leah Szumita MS,RN, CCRN
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Keywords: Nursing Informatics,Electronic Health Record, Nursing Documentation
Implementation of a nurse driven protocol for heparin titration
Primary Author: Anne Bane MSN, RN
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Keywords: Heparin Administration Nomogram, Nurse Driven Protocol, Nursing Informatics
Mapping the gaps: a geographical analysis of evidenced based community exercise programs for older adults in the Boston area
Primary Author: Kety Silva BA
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Keywords: Community-Based Exercise Programs, Older Adults, Fall Prevention, Boston, GIS, Tai Chi, Matter of Balance 
Using clinical decision support in an E.H.R. to facilitate a nurse driven protocol

Primary Author: Jeanne Praetsch MS, RN 
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Keywords: Indwelling Urinary Catheter, Nurse Driven Protocol for Urinary Catheter Removal, NDP  

Using patient centered technologic design in an electronic toolkit for inpatient fall prevention
Primary Author: WaiYin Leaung MS
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Bringing our best practice forward integrating preformatted patient discharge instructions into E.H.R.
Primary Author:  Kathleen Broderick RN
Organization: BWH & MGH Care Center/ Foxborough
Keywords: Patient Education, Patient Engagement, Portal, Patient Safety and Quality, Fall Prevention, Technology
The value of a multi-disciplinary informatics team in the implementation of an electronic health record

Primary Author:  Kimberly Whalen MSN, RN
Organization: Massachusetts General Hospital
Keywords: Electronic Health Record, Informatics Governance, Nursing Informatics

Improving the safety of heparin protocol infusions: the journey continues
Primary Author: Sue Whetstone MS, RN, NE-BC
Organization: Lifespan
Keywords: Clinical Decision Support, Patient Safety and Quality, CPOE