2011 Trends in Clinical Informatics: A Nurses Perspective

 The Future of Nursing Informatics

Leveraging standards to support patient-centric interdisciplinary plans of care 
Primary Author: Patricia Dykes PhD, RN, FAAN
Organization: Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Keywords: patient-centric; interdisciplinary plans of care; adoption; implementation; standards
Standardizing nursing assessments across two academic medical centers
Primary Author: Brenda Griffin MBA,RN 
Organization: Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Keywords: nursing assessment, academic medical center, standards, design, subject matter expert
Development of an electronic patient risk communication board (ePRCB)
Primary Author: Kumiko Ohashi PhD, RN
Organization: Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Keywords: patient risk information; communication failure; alerts; tailored interventions; patient risk icon development; communication board
Building electronic line documentation
Primary Author: Lauren Selvitella MSN, RN
Organization: Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Keywords: intravenous access; intravenous line documentation; intravenous line assessment, flow sheets; subject matter experts; electronic form design; usability evaluation; workflow; documentation
Testing a clinical documentation system for nursing data capture using de-identified patient charts
Primary Author: Mary Hudson MS, RN
Organization: Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Keywords: multidisciplinary; nursing documentation; data capture; usability; design; training
Meaningful use compliance and electronic medication management at point of entry
Primary Author: Marsha Haverly MSN, RN, CPAN
Organization: The Miriam Hospital
Keywords: Perioperative medication reconciliation; workflow redesign; patient safety; quality improvement; medication error reduction; competency verification; meaningful use; compliance
Barcoded medication management (BCMA) at Maine Medical Center
Primary Author: Nancy Glover BSN, MSN, RN
Organization: Maine Medical Center
Keywords: barcoded medication administration; closed loop medication administration; medication safety; implementation; drug mapping
Electronic nursing documentation and information sharing: driving the homecare process
Primary Author: Karen Bavuso MSN, RN
Organization: Partners Healthcare at Home
Keywords: homecare; electronic nursing documentation; electronic medical record; data exchange; standard data set; compliance
Nursing electronic documentation in the pediatric critical care setting
Primary Author: Stephanie Altavilla MSMI, RN
Organization: Children’s Hospital Boston
Keywords: critical care; pediatric; nursing documentation; computerized provider order entry (CPOE); medication administration reconciliation (MAR); implementation
Mother and baby…across the continuum of care
Primary Author: Tanya Strong MBA, RN
Organization: Lawrence and Memorial Hospital
Keywords: labor and delivery; nursery; NICU; documentation 
Medication safety through MAK
Primary Author: Christine Florek BSN, RN
Organization: Tufts Medical Center
Keywords: Safety; barcode medication administration; bcma; error reduction; benchmarking; research; medication administration process
Improving patient safety through medical event reporting
Primary Author: Marie George MSN, RN
Organization: Rhode Island Hospital, Hasbro Children’s’ Hospital
Keywords: patient safety organization; medical event reporting; safety; just culture; event management 
Medication scanning in the PACU…You can do it!
Primary Author: Penny Bertolasio MSN, RN
Organization: Baystate Medical Center
Keywords: medication administration error; patient safety; documentation; electronic medical record; positive patient identification; barcoded medication administration; compliance 
Development of tailored diabetes education and hypoglycemic protocol for staff nurses
Primary Author: Janet Engvall MSN, RN-BC, CDOE
Organization: The Miriam Hospital
Keywords: diabetes; patient care; education; protocol; online education; research 
Meaningful use: how to implement clinical documentation in 6 months or less
Primary Author: Susan Whetstone MS, RN NE-BC
Organization: Rhode Island Hospital (Lifespan)
Keywords: clinical documentation; rapid implementation; meaningful use 
Mining nursing documentation for clinical concerns and early recognition of deterioration
Primary Author: Sarah Collins PhD, RN
Organization: Columbia University
Keywords: data mining; clinical documentation; cardiac arrest; nursing knowledge; surveillance; intervention; research 
Pre-procedural patient screening: how to improve patient care
Primary Author: Karen Morse-Gallagher BSN, MBA, RN
Organization: Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Keywords: pre-procedural; patient screening; patient care; tool; nursing; cardiovascular; diagnostic; interventional; electronic medical record; workflow 
Use of an electronic pre-admission medication list to facilitate medication reconciliation for patients evaluated in a pre-admission testing telephone program
Primary Author: Karen Parmenter MSN, RN
Organization: Massachusetts General Hospital
Keywords: medication reconciliation; pre-admission medication list; telephone; workflow