NENIC Board Members 2016-2017













1 year

Ardie Henry MS, RN-BC


Ms. Henry is an experienced healthcare professional with an extensive background in clinical nursing and healthcare informatics. She is a certified nurse Informatician with strong process improvement, management and people skills. She has been an influential leader in vendor    design, development and delivery of informatics solutions to improve patient outcomes through optimization of healthcare information technology, including utilization of clinical decision support with analytics and improved clinical workflows.  Ms.Henry currently is the Senior Clinical  Informatics Specialist at Philips Healthcare for a clinical information system that includes clinical decision support and analytics.

She is active professionally and ANCC Board certified in Nursing Informatics



President Elect


1 year


Paula Wolski MSN, RN


Ms. Wolski currently holds the position of Program manager of Informatics for nursing and Patient Care Services at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital. Initially hired as the clinical lead for recently installed EHR implementation this position has now transitioned into the Program Manager role.  Wolski has been a RN for over 30 years spending much of her career in critical care and held certification as a critical care RN.  She attained her Master’s from Emmanuel College with a concentration in Nursing Education.  She is currently an adjunct faculty at Emmanuel College teaching nursing informatics.  Initially interested in informatics while being a clinical super user and then implementing communication strategies for staff as a clinical leader in ICU.   

Wolski is responsible for the evaluation of departmental projects and Nursing Informatics resource alignment, assignment, and clinical consultation in the implementation and delivery of EHR technology. Collaboration with quality and professional practice to review process measures to ensure compliance with regulatory standards both as enhancement requests to the enterprise system and end-user education and auditing to ensure compliance.  Paula holds professional memberships in Sigma Theta Tau International, HIMSS, ONL and NENIC.



Past President 


1 year


Karen Bavuso, RN, MSN


Ms. Bavuso is in the Partners eCare, Clinical Informatics group at Partners Health Care Inc. Her current work focus is in knowledge management and clinical decision support. She has been a nurse for 30 + years working in a variety of health care settings, including acute care, community health, and home care and hospice.

She completed a Master of Nursing Science with a specialty in Informatics from Duke University in 2010. Bavuso has participated in multiple system implementations over the last 10 years, focusing on different aspects of patient care and provider practice. Areas of experience include clinical documentation, clinical decision support, system interoperability, terminologies, and quality and regulatory support.

Bavuso has been active in the NENIC community since 2006 with recent experience working with the planning committee, membership committee, and prior board experience as a member at large. She hopes to continue the NENIC mission and vision as well as execute the current and ongoing strategic planning efforts in role as President.





1 year


Susan Katz Sliski DNP, RN





  2 years   Deb Furlong, RN, MS   

While obtaining her Masters Degree in Nursing Administration with a concentration in Nursing Informatics in 2003, Furlong was involved in a year-long practicum at Clinical Support Technology, a company that was involved in web-based consumer healthcare and disease management.  Her previous informatics experience was in the administration of the CareVue ICU clinical information system for the past 14 years. Furlong's  previous experience has included implementing initiatives involving the VA Clinical Information System within the Surgery department.  Furlong also serves on the program planning and education committee.  She has presented work within the VA New England area related to the VA Clinical Information System.

She is currently a Project Manager in Nursing Informatics at Brigham and Women's Hospital.



Director of Membership/Recruiting


1 year

Andrea Santos BSN, MSHI, RN


Ms. Santos is currently an informatician at North Shore Medical Center, a Partner's Healthcare affiliate.



Director of Marketing/ Communication


1 year


Ellen Young RN, MS


Ms. Young has been a nurse for over twenty five years after earning her BSN in Nursing at Boston University. Fourteen years ago she returned to BU to complete her Master’s of Science in Computer Information Systems, with a concentration in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. She has worked as a Critical Care Nurse in the neonatal, pediatric, medical, cardiac, and surgical ICUs. She has designed, developed, and implemented many healthcare systems in the Information Systems Department as a Senior Clinical Integration Analyst and SQL Server Database Administrator. 

Currently Ms. Young  is a Senior Program Manager analyzing and reporting metrics and implementing projects to improve the quality of patient care in the BWH Quality & Safety Department.



Director of Education/ Development


1 year

Mary Kennedy MS, RN-BC  


Ms. Kennedy currently has her own consulting practice, having previously been the Director of Clinical Informatics in Providence, Rhode Island.  She has over 20 years of experience in the area of clinical informatics and extensive experience in project management, training and implementation support.  Kennedy has experience in both service and vendor organizations that allow her to remain current with industry trends and help develop NENIC educational programs.

She has been the NENIC Director of Program Planning since its inception and is currently an Adjunct Faculty at Northeastern University. Her research interest are studying the impact of health care information technology (HIT) on the patient experience and the environment of care as well as clinical informatics competency definition.





2 years


Debbie Fortin, , MEd, RN, C, CNOR


Debra Fortin is an RN Nursing Informaticist who has a M.Ed. in Management. She holds certifications in Nursing Informatics and in the Operating Room. She has experience in both hands-on clinical and Information Services environments. Debra has been a nurse for over 35 years and has held roles as an Operating Room Nurse, Coordinator of Nursing Informatics, Nursing informatics Specialist, Senior Clinical Analyst, Team Lead and currently as the Clinical informatics Provider Trainer specialist for MetroWest Medical Center Tenet Healthcare system. 

Fortin  continues to be an active member of several nursing organizations, including NENIC from its inception. In NENIC, she has held roles as Secretary, President, planning committee member and executive board member. She also is an alumna of Endicott College in Nursing and in Education. She maintains an active role at Endicott College in the Nursing Honor Society and on the Nursing Advisory Committee for the Nursing Program. Debra enjoys working in a collaborative environment with providers and clinicians. She has supported CPOE, Med Rec, ePrescribing, and Physician and nursing clinical documentation.





1 years


Lee Ann Rogers BSN, RN


Ms.  Rogers  is the Nurse Manager of Lowell General Hospital’s Nursing Informatics Department. Lee has been a nurse for 28 years with 10yrs experience in Nursing Informatics in addition to extensive experience in Medical Surgical Nursing. In her Informatics role, Rogers is responsible for the evaluation of departmental project obligations and Nursing Informatics resource assignment, EMR training and training materials development, clinical consultation in the design and maintenance of EMR technology that impacts patient care services, as well as inpatient and outpatient EMR processes to maintain compliance with The Joint Commission, Magnet, Meaningful Use and Core Measure standards. Lee holds professional memberships in HIMSS, ANA, ONL and NENIC.




1  years


Lois Howry, RN, MSN

  Lois  Howry is the RN Informatics Coordinator at Mt Auburn Hospital.  


Regional Reps


 2 years





 Lynda Powers MS, MBA, RN  (NH);   Barbara Jones MS, RN-BC (RI), Sandra McPherson DNP, RN-BC CPHIMS (CT) ; Martha Vrana-Bossart MSN, RN (ME); Janis Yannotti RN (VT) 



 National Reps


 2 years


Mark Sugrue, RN-BC (HIMSS) , Denise Goldsmith, MS, MPH,RN,  FAAN (AMIA) and Karen Bavuso MSN, RN (ANI



Ex-officio Member



Rita D. Zielstorff, RN, MS, FACMI