2019 Trends in Clinical Informatics: A Nurses Perspective

**Developing an Intensive Care Unit Acuity Tool
Primary Author: Laura Ritter Cox
Organization: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Optimizing the EHR through Experience and the Agile Process
Primary Author: Thomas Baccari
Organization: Boston Children's Hospital
Don't Let PICU UP Get You Down
 Primary Author: Alicia Gustafson
Organization: Boston Children's Hospital
Establishing a Process for Reducing Nursing Documentation Burden Through Discrete Data Analysis
Primary Author: Cassandra Hunter
Organization: Boston Children's Hospital
**Assessment and Adoption of Sepsis Trigger Tool in the EHR 
Primary Author: Danielle Perley
Organization: Boston Children's Hospital
*Use of Data to Identify Impacts That Improve Plan of Care Documentation 
Primary Author: Beth Baldwin
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
*Strategies for Overcoming Challenges Related to Converting an NQF Endorsed Measure to an Electronic Clinical Quality Measure ( eCQM)
Primary Author: Taylor Christiansen
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
*A Factorial Design Survey Software Case Study
Primary Author : Jose Garcia
Organization:  Brigham and Women's Hospital
Measuring the Impact of Changes in EHR Functionality and Education Interventions n Blood Documentation
Primary Author: Debra Furlong
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
*Nursing Flowsheet ElementsAcross Integrated Health Systems
Primary Author: Min Kang
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
*Comparing the Data Completeness and Accuracy Between EHR and Administrative Claims for Quality Measurement
Primary Author: Woongki Kim
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Standardizing Nurse Documentation of the Blood Pressure Check Visit in the Primary Care Clinics
Primary Author: Amanda McLure
Organization: Brigham and Women's Hospital
Use of Mobile Application to Improve Nursing Department Communications
Primary Author: Paula Wolski
Organization: Brigham & Women's Faulkner Hospital
Use of An Audit Report to Improve Business Continuity Access Testing
Primary Author: Paula Wolski
Organization: Brigham & Women's Faulkner Hospital
*Utilizing The EHR in the Preoperative Arena in the Prevention of Pressure Injuries
Primary Author: Mary Ellen Kinnealey
Organization: Massachusetts General Hospital
Improving Consistency and Accuracy in Pressure Injury Documentation
Primary Author: Shelly Stuler
Organization: Massachusetts General Hospital
Analysis of a CDS Advisory and the Influence on Nurses during Medication Administration
Primary Author : Theresa Vachon
Organization: Massachusetts General Hospital
Nursing Practices and Perception in Code Documentation in Electronic Health Record
Primary Author: Kim Whalen
Organization: Massachusetts General Hospital
 ** Implementation of eCare Board / Interactive Patient Education and Care Application
Primary Author: James Scheurell
Organization: Nantucket Cottage Hospital
Preparing Nursing Staff for EHR Downtime
Primary Author: Andrea Santos
Organization: North Shore Medical Center
Best Practices for Data Visualization: Creating and Evaluating a Report for an Evidenced Based Fall Prevention Program
Primary Author: Srijesa Khasnabish
Organization: Partners Healthcare
**Improving User Efficiency with Plan of Care Automation
Primary Author: Naomi Mercier
Organization: Partners Healthcare
Evaluation of Automated Education Reminders for New Medications
Primary Author: Christine Suchecki
Organization: Partners Healthcare
Classification of Injurious Fall Severity in Hospitalized Patients
Primary Author: Zoe Burns 
Organization: Partners Healthcare
Legislation Compliance with Your after Visit Summary
Primary Author: Nishawnda Ellis
Organization: South Shore Hospital
Bar Coded Medication Administration (BCMA) Override : An Alert to Practice and Safety Issues
Primary Author: Linda Potts
Organization: Tufts Medical Center / Floating Hospital for Children
 Leveraging the EHR for Medication Reconciliation Process Improvement
Primary Author: Grace Pompilio-Weitzner
Organization: Winchester Hospital
  • * Publication pending
  • ** Publication pending (CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing)